Wednesday, June 19

going down.

woo-ha, wu-TANG, and word up...
i have definitely got it going on today, neighbors.
today's the day, all over again.
i'm headed towards the dreaded and the deadly and
slightly southerly climes of the gritty, sh!tty, crime and traffic
and filth-infused hard styles of the land of my birth.
i'm bringing the woodsly goodsly wotan wednesday warrior poetry
to the weak sauce of the nanciest nutmeg waterbaby
sodapants state in the full fifty shades spectrum of 'merica.
ah, well.
i'm looking forward to some of it, believe it or not.
it's always good to go back and remember where you're from.
i'm sayin',
i got molto peoples in that spot, y'all.
real talk.
and despite wherever we all are now doing what we do,
hamden warriors never stop being hamden warriors.
that's a thing, for sure.
it's that hamden, connecticut activation that started us all on our
winding paths towards personal bests and even betters
in all the elsewheres of the whole wide world.
we took that with us, whether we wanted to or not-
there's a piece of pure-heart pearl imbedded inside us,
from the consecrated pondwaters of lake whitney.
believe it.
it's nice to return to the birthplace of Folk Life dreaming;
where city living led to wishes and words and eventually major moves
towards woodsly goodness in the rural realness of the north.
a time to recharge that spirit and stir those memories,
and hug your folks,
and do all the things you do when you doo-doo things for old times' sake.
so, yeah,
i'm going back home.
i wouldn't wanna miss maple star's 6th grade commencement ceremony!
what does it mean when your littlest kid is done with elementary school?
i think it means she's not that little anymore;
and also that i'm not nearly as youthful and spry as my tight pants
and wildly fantastic imagination have led me to believe.
my kids are getting bigger and better and more and more and even more
like expert individual active participants who really are pretty F*ing great.
i also made sure to power-up in advance for the trip.
last night was another opportunity to refine my dumpling game.
i took it to eleven, twice, in the wondertwin form of 22 wet pouches
of deliciously fried-up luxurious and furious frenzied flavors.
...and i made two sauces, and a little sexy salad-type jauns too.
check the teleport:
pea shoots, and mung bean sprouts, and pluots?!
who gets busy with meaty juicy half-apricot/plums?
yes, indeed,
i doo-doo that fruity sh!t.
what's IN these dumps?
seasoned, sweetened, and spiced tofu, mostly,
with a fully-battle-beasted complement of vidalia onion,
toasted sesame seeds, carrot, celery, bean sprouts, collards,
kale, bok choy, scallions, and SO much garlic.
it's safe to say i've got that perfectly-browned business locked in.
the spicy chipotle garlic chili sauce was brutal,
and the raw-garlic sesame-seeded dipping sauce was no joke either.
i used garlic everywhere, guys.
i'm trying to put the nutrients to good use!
i suppose i should be feeling pretty smug about my skills.
but the thing is- eating alone sucks balls so hard;
and eating really well all alone is kinda on both ends of good and bad.
i just do this now.
so there's that.
it's all really happening, after all.
i'm leaving soon.
there will be a voyage-appropriate soundtrack accompanying me down.
it seems only right that i listen up to the music that got me started
on the long road to the great mountainous north as i drive south.
symmetry is sexy, kids.
summertime is the best time to immerse yourself in before-times.
this time, this year, this is the truth, friends.
there will be beautiful girls on either side of me,
and i'm already beyond thrilled to see my two lovely and talented sweetlings.
they certainly got the best parts of me,
and even better parts than that from somewhere else.
i am grateful for the time i have been given;
never quiet, never soft.....

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