Saturday, June 29

the 'zone.

sometimes we turn our traditions up a bit.
in the spirit of family togetherness,
and for the memory of active participation.
if broccoli bread is good,
then broccoli bread with MORE is clearly better.
oh, yeah.
sorry one-note stromboli,
but we're 'bout that symphony of flavors jauns these days-
instead of a rolled-up log of florets and nootch,
we freaked it off,
and took it to eleven,
and got real busy with it.
we eat well, and we eat a lot.
from start to finish, we get expert while we rep our Folk Life.
check the teleport:
oh, c'mon now, kids.
twice the chee'-filling, and with spinach and broccoli,
and proteins that pretended to be meats.
we indulged in beige and pinkish brown as well as green and gold.
fake chicky strippers, and less-successfully-imitated bacon bookmarks,
for all our faces.
we doo-doo that calzones-for-everybody-type sh!t.
i've got an obligation i mean to fulfill...
teaching these smaller, better, upgraded versions of me all about what
all of us really-real-life-living bards and skalds and warrior poets actually DO.
we make that extra effort.
anything else is b!tchbaggery.
and i can't hang out with quittery diaperbaby examples.
i take my chances,
i make my choices,
and i employ my wrenches, so to speak.
that's all i can do. that's what i do.
harvest and maple have been having big fun.
elsah and baby van took 'em to see some cuteness.
that's a thing.
get ready for some adorability in F*ing full-effect.
and again:
yes, y'all.
rabbit rabbit.
a few days early.
these are the days i enjoy the most.
we are together, and that's more than enough;
never quiet, never soft.....

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