Sunday, June 23


it's warm outside,
but it's also rainy and foggy and totally the kind of sunday
that you'd expect ma nature's prickly personality to provide
when you'd rather see the supermoon and not a huge billowy
silver shield of softness in the sky.
she hid it from us.
but even when it's obscured by the firmament's fuzzy focus
and the stars are hidden behind the horizon,
that bestial celestial circle makes it's presence known.
for sure.
it's not the same as the barenaked ball of glowing lighting up a room in deep blue shadows
and bright nighttime
maybe the water vapor purifies the worst of it,
like a cumulonimbus filtration system,
refracting off of every droplet and diffusing the direst doom and drama
out of all the lunatic rays?
it's all a blur, friends.
ummm, yeah.
man in the moon i most assuredly am not.
silent and grey, neighbors.
and it actually even IS sunday.
that's what we've got.
soaking in silver supermoon sauce or not,
saturating myself with super-dinner is still mandatory.
chick pea and spinach burgers?
c'mon, kids, you know i'm 'bout that sh!t.
toasted-up already-roasted-garlic bread, half a loaf at a time,
and radicchio and radishes and cukes and tomatoes,
and a smear of roasted garlic hummus on either end!
i will gorge my maw with meatless massive monster sandwiches forever.
too much is the right amount.
i spoil myself at suppertime;
never quiet, never soft.....

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