Tuesday, June 11

tart tuesday.

yeah, kids.
it's finally cold and rainy!
y'know what THAT means, right?
it must be my day off.
and y'know what i do on cold rainy days off?
well, yeah, that....
but y'know what else i do on cold rainy days off?
i get expert in my kitchen.
of course.
today's adventure was tarts in two sizes.
check the teleport:
wordimus prime, neighbors!
mini-mutha-flippin' tartlets.
flaky pastry crust,
thick gooey creme filling,
cinna-toasty vanilla-sweetened roasted almonds and dried cranberries.
it takes a whole lot to bring me up when i'm headed downward,
and the spiral plummets and matched by bakery-fresh corkscrew updrafts.
the wafting aroma of elite treats is exactly what's needed to bring some
bright tightness to a loose, deep, dark butthole of a day.
lucky for us,
i doo-doo that teeny tiny cutesy cooking-type sh!t.
i didn't bother taking a picture of the other size,
as they're just fattie-boombattie versions of the same dang thing.
just use your imagination to make the ones you see a bit bigger.
that's it.
i got myself some treats, too, y'all.
treats are good for you, after all.
what's up with paying too much money for not enough soda?
of course i'm all about it.
that's up-here-rich-style jauns.
odd-sized ounces of real-life gingery ale;
and it's in a pry-off (not twisty) topped glass bottle?
it's called fever tree?
i know awesome when i see it.
...like those two super-sexy hand-thrown mugs.
uh huh.
my cabin pottery hottness has arrived, intact,
long-awaited, and super good-looking at the same time.
it's been a little minute since i made moves to supplement the empty spots.
i'm sayin'-
there were a great many major and minor key elemental things i lost recently,
and most of them i will never get back.
like ten years, and my hair, and a good portion of my self-worth.
mugs can be replaced-
it's important to pick your spots, ninjas.
the object is still more;
never quiet, never soft.....

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