Monday, June 17


i'm bad at girls.
that's a real life truism.
i get crushes sometimes, on girls.
that's real.
it's probably not a great idea to get too optimistic-
i mean,
they all crush you eventually, neighbors.
a crush is a temporary infatuation.
an infatuation is a foolish, unreasoning, and extravagant passion or attraction.
i doo-doo that kind of self-aggrandized self-destruction...
because i say let cupid forego his arrows, and use a wrench instead.
when i say crush the opposition, i think you know what i really mean.
i find that what i want and what wants me are rarely on the same page;
let alone in the same chapter, or book, or even library.
the idea that there's someone looking for a woodsly goodsly warrior poet
seems absurd from the jump off, y'know?
it's as likely as someone wishing they had a phantom limb.
it could happen, but if you find that person, you can't be surprised if they
are missing the key elemental makeup that lets regular folks find each other.
it's a narrow search parameter, and a specialized connoisseurship, for sure...
i've got a problem when it comes to acting natural.
because infinite nature wins over delicately nurtured nuances every time-
i lack the poise and good grace to interact like a normal adult-sized
interesting and interested person.
it's balls-out bald-faced bare-bones brutal berserker barbarian business,
fresh from the get go, with total let-go reckless wroth wordsmithing,
and admissions that beg admonition almost immediately.
i mean it, kids-
i'm bad at girls like i'm bad at singing and i'm bad at taking it easy.
i go to eleven at being terrible just as loud, fresh, and hard
as everything else.
no jokes.
lucky for me,
i can't really be in a worse place than where i'm starting from.
the new postcard stamps are completely more expert than ever.
check the teleport:
apples, y'all.
one a day keeps the doctor away,
so long as he writes a prescription for a full mailbox.
heck yeah!
i'm sending you guys some love letters.
unsolicited, unrequited and without a return address, too.
i'm bad at girls,
but i'm good at making treats.
i'll stick to what i do,
and crush, be crushed, and get crushing on the rest;
never quiet, never soft.....

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