Wednesday, June 5


hey neighbors!
today is the day.
that's the honest-to-goodness truth.
the cucch is here,
and it's his triple-eleventh berfday!
check the elder statesmanly-type teleport:
that's the face value of thirty-F*ing-three!
wordimus prime, y'all....
my bestest buddy since back in the old times,
on his special day,
spanning time right alongside his hetero lifemate,
in the righteous really realness of the woodsly goodness.
happy sunovab!tchin' berfday, homeboy.
it's always expert when we get together,
and today is no exception.
real talk.
it's been years since we've been in the same space at the same time for
a special annual information and experience accrual exchange.
that's a thing.
wizening wisdom wizardry is what's happening.
that's like making jerky out of living life as a jerk.
it's tough, it's dry, and it's concentrated in smoke and hot fire.
we doo-doo that cyclical cynicism sh!t.
it's just what worthy warrior poets are made for.
another 'nother other day older,
and a good time for at least one of us.
i happen to love birthdays.
so, he's got to experience it my way, or leave.
...and nobody leaves before dessert.
especially not when breakfast is this dope:
ultimate happy happy pannicakes, mutha-lickers.
four kinds of pan-wellness.
original, chocolate-chip, toasted coconut, and pecan.
with ALL the berries on top,
strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry (for sweeter juice!)-
simmered in citrus and real-deal maple syrup.
the powdered sugar and soy-whip is just showing off,
and taking it to eleven.
it's a special breakfast, so what else could i have done?
nature -every single time- emerges victorious!
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is feeling pretty good right now.
companionship is all it takes.
my main man saved the day by keeping me company;
and that's a better present than anything i got him.
my friends are better than yours.
never quiet, never soft.....

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