Monday, June 10

cooler than being cool.

it's not the sorbet i care about.
i mean, sure,
a scoople or two of red and blue berry-flavored iciness,
or fruity frozen freshness,
or whatever the F* else,
is good for a cold lick and a brain freeze headache on a hot day.
ice creamyish sweets are nice like that.
but really?
i'm just in it for the sprankles.
true talk.
rainbow magic sugar cylinders are what i need.
the cold cups of sugary unimportance just give 'em something to stick to.
check the summertime-type teleport:
i'm all about that color-coded full-spectrum texture sh!t.
on the really real?
if y'all ain't got those spranky jauns,
it's not a cone of hottness,
it's just frozen b!tch-sap.
rules is rules, kids;
never quiet, never soft.....

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