Wednesday, August 21

a study in contrasts.

i came down from on top of my mountain.
for realsies.
all the way down to sea level, even.
i took a little bitty overnight trip to providence, rhode island,
to visit my ace numero uno homeboy,
the cucch.
that's right.
we walked the whole length of the city, back and forth,
and back again,
up hills and through some sweet artsy bits,
as well as into and under some doo-doo buttery urban bits.
city times aren't so bad,
as long as i've got my peoples with me,
and the opportunity to terrorize some tasty treats.
yesterday wasn't exactly an adventure in culinary hottness,
but it was definitely an adventure in food terror.
no jokes, kids.
i ate some sort of sh!t-salad, with slime sauce,
and a couple of other other forms of crap,
at an inaptly named and ineptly staffed place called
veggie fun.
how much fun was it?
oh, i dunno,
have you ever seen sauce that looked like maraschino abortion goo?
well check the teleport:
what the mother F*?!
that's a thing, friends.
there was other stuff in there, too,
and instead of running for the door,
i put it inside me, starting with my mouth-hole.
real life choices require cast iron stomachs.
believe it.
add in homestyle moka espresso with 'microfoam' a la cucch,
and some dark and darker gingery beer,
and a whoooooopie pie and brownie from some fancy vegan bakery?
we chose the wrench pretty hard,
and then kept the post-citywide tour going all over again
with morning coffees and scones and sh!t.
that was before the not-gross food happened.
julian's is delicious,
and the waitresses are cute,
and the atmosphere is rad.
check the correct-style vegan scrambled teleport:
that's it!
wordimus prime.
and vegan pancakes and tempeh bacon, too?
you know we know how to get busy.
don't be dumb.
food is my thing,
travel is a thing,
and friend time was in order.
we make the magic happen,
me and mine, whenever we get together,
because we get it poppin' and drop it down low.
good times with my main man.
and we were only mistaken for a couple of homo-supremos
each and every single time in each and every place we went.
i guess.
we look alike. we talk alike. we are connected;
never quiet, never soft.....

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