Tuesday, August 20


full moon time!
c'mon, neighbors.
you feel it too, right?
pulsing like blood behind your eyes?
is it just me?
i thought as much.
but what about seeing red through silver night light,
and getting pulled up and into the werewolfen-type sh!t?
awwwwwwww, man.
it's definitely a thing.
i may not look any different,
but there's definitely some sort of lunatic moon magic
casting spells in the tide pools of my pleura.
there are swells and surges and bursts of blood and pressure,
all on the inside, struggling to get outside,
through my skin, and out of my mouth,
a total catharsis of every idiot emotion i've buried for a month.
the pieces that come out only seem professionally proffessive
and prolificly profuse in prose and paragraph.
there's so much pent up in the darker corners and worse recesses.
the thing is,
they're cold iron sentiments,
and the fillings and filings and all the rusted, busted, disgusted bits
are always pulled to the surface like splinters or shrapnel,.
working their way to the topmost tier of pores and follicles.
i think that's the secret, kids.
the lunar full-force refractory magnetics pull the ugliest aspects to the fore.
it's really real, but it's pretty awful.
truths are almost always unattractive.
i dunno, friends.
i think we just figured out the reason behind the feelings.
there it is- right on top,
bubbling out of my whole big dumb head.
it's like that:
stay ugly, stay dope,
like it or not.
because it's all really happening,
thanks to the moon.
blue glows and yellow circles
and horrible, hirsute, harrowing battle-beastly infinite nature.
today is the day.
especially so;
never quiet, never soft.....

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