Wednesday, August 7

it chooses you.

harvest and maple are here!
and that's one hundred and eleven percent expert.
too bad i spent the remainder of the day,
after the feverish bundled-up barbarian car ride
to the A*-crack of massholechussetts and back,
sweating in bed like a sack of sh!t in a sauna.
definitely not the way i'd hoped to start our last big fun
family togetherness activation celebration this summer.
of course,
really real life reps a hard style,
and doesn't ever give a F* as to what i'd prefer.
so bed and rest and juice and all that sort of thing
was the only option left besides coughing so hard i vomited.
and honestly, neighbors,
i don't hate ANYthing as much as vomiting.
that's no joke.
so if the choice is a pukefest of something else,
something else wins, hands down.
it wasn't all bad though.
the girls brought me something very awesome.
for realsies, y'all.
it's like the universe was hitting me up with another 'nother
reminder that the harder way is the only way,
and no matter how lockjaw tetanus-rusty,
old, broken, busted, and disgusting it seems.....
...there's only ever one choice.
(there are three of 'em, yes, but they all mean the same thing)
check the hard-styles-and-worse-options-type teleport:
that's all there is.
right on schedule, right on course, right action, righty-tighty
and all the way live.
we didn't just sit around feeling sick and tired and  sorry for ourselves.
we did that, sure, but that was just a part of the plan-
we also had some fancy rice and stuff-type dinner,
with all the garden fresh herbs in it,
and we made it together, which made it taste even better.
check the Folk Life Kitchen teleport:
out-of-focus oregano flower garnish?
we're fancy.
because that's the only way to be, right?
and besides,
you're supposed to feed a cold.
i'm pretty sure that's a thing.
another day off, today.
i'm feeling better, and i'm excited about it, b!tches.
just an itty-bitty little baby bit,
but that's all i need to get this family togetherness back on track.
today is the day,
times a wastin',
but we're invested in that big action.
that's it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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