Sunday, August 4

too much fun?

the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress was in F*ing full-house
fresh-to-death full effect for a few seconds.
august started off strong.
hamden warriors all up in the all the bedrooms,
montreal-style bagels,
homemade card games,
rock bloxxx,
and catching up on all the best parts and highlights
of the last little bit of time.
michael holmes is one of my oldest and bestest,
and hanging out with his tall order of height and style
is good for us.
me and the cucch.
y'know how we get our warrior poetry poppin', don't you?
that's right-
with a terrific tandem tag team of expertism and delicious kitchen jauns.
for example:
super-soul sounds of a seventies-shaded monochrome dinner!
watercress, vayo (a.k.a vegenaise to you amateurs) sauteed collards,
tomato, amy's garden fresh cukes, beige protein,
and all that on double-yeast-and-sour-cream-blopped fresh panfried bread.
we doo-doo that cooking-type sh!t when we get together sometimes.
the waffles that have become a regular breakfast-with-company thing.
i used four kinds of flour for the ones we shared yesterday, y'all.
wheat, oat, corn, and tapioca.
because too much is the right amount,
and too soon,
the house would be empty all over again.
that's correct on both counts, too, neighbors.
the bustle of my brothers-in-arms has gone to ground,
and the family togetherness of this man's home,
a castle crawling with active participants,
has run it's course.
no sleep?
no rest?
they're different, and they're both absent.
it's all really happening-
the fun and the force and the fury and the foibles.
every angle gets covered with the refracted light and heat
of a hot and fiery feast,
an evening of card games and baking,
the obligatory new music-sharing part,
the last one awake dishwashing caretaker bit......
all of it.
i am grateful to have these folks to span time alongside.
the time we are apart brings us together better.
that may or not be true,
but we interact like we're supposed to.
my best friends are the furthest and farthest away,
so the times when they aren't count double.
short shots of good peoples,
seismic spikes of spatial relationships,
inoculation to ward off the weak sauce.
this is the way it is.
far-flung important activators saving the day.
i couldn't do it alone if i wanted to;
never quiet, never soft..... 

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