Saturday, August 10


we get busy.
that's real.
and this time,
this time right here?
the busiest.
we put a bunch of tasty sh!t into a pot and turned on the hottness!
peanut butter and cocoa and sugar and other sugar and syrup
and instant coffee and vanilla, and a pinch of salt.
all in together now, y'all,
and over that fiery burner until it was a messy wet mess.
that's dope.
and then?
six cups of puffed rice.
that's what's up.
they're like worse krispies.
as in- not crispy, but still pretty tasty for the difference in texture.
for realsies...
once it's all mashed together and cooled off and cut up,
it becomes totally expert.
check the caramelted-magic-type teleport:
we doo-doo that funtime family-style treats activation.
decaf coffee, low-powered, powdered, and reconstituted within that
fudgy fresh brown blop of drip-drop dark roasted dopeness
lets the flavors really rise above the normal depth and breadth
of average weak-sauce waterbaby diaperload treats.
just sayin'-
your busted one-note marshmallowy jauns can F* right off.
we're repping that over-did action every chance we get.
being sick is the most busted part.
because no matter what i catch for colds,
and what i germinate for germs
it always ends up dissolving my brain into phlegmy puddles,
and putting that omnipresent pressure behind my eyes.
all roads lead to my despairingly inadequate nasal passages.
and once it settles in, embedded, and invasive?
explosions ensue, at each and every available stimulus.
bright lights?
loud noises?
friends, on the real,
sinus draining high-intensity barbarian boilermaker brutality
makes me so cranky.
i mean, sure,
i hold it together when i'm dealing with the big picture
and the prominent problems that pummel me throughout the days and nights.
...but it's all the little bullsh!t that activates the berserker fury.
i can brace myself for the big stuff, but the silent secret small-stuff
is what sneak attacks my serenity.
and i do such a good job keeping cool,
until i don't.
persistent pestering wears away my self-control,
and when it's time to get warrior-style,
i can't see any reason not to jettison all the extra tension i've been holding in
over all the other other angles, aspects, aggravations, and activities
that are also always all really happening.
that's a thing.
in that regard,
today is definitely the day.
i've got rainbow sherbet streaming out of my head,
and my vision is already blurry from post-orbital pressure.
the bass-drum dirge of my pulse is pulverizing my calm demeanor,
and i can feel some enormous tantrums stewing in my chest.
don't you wish those treats had real caffeine?
instead of typing,
i'd already be bashing and smashing my way through this day,
instead of waiting for the crescendo of anxiety to overflow into action.
should be a good one;
never quiet, never soft.....

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