Thursday, August 29

earth tones.

green stuff is good for you, they say.
and i believe 'em.
why else would i hit myself off with a massive meal,
composed exclusively in green and beige?
and i can prove it, even,
because i took a flippin' picture before i stuffed it in my mouth.
check the spicy-thai-ay-ay-noodoo-type dinner teleport:
i put SO many green things into this meal.
for serious, and for your face.
now, to be fair,
i did saute some shiitakes to a burnt beige
in superhot sesame oil with actual sesame seeds first,
and i marinated some tofu in spicy two-chili sriracha sauce, too.
(chili garlic paste and regular ho' sauce and spices and juices an' sh!t)
and, yeah, sure,
those are cold cukes and key limes on the side (both green)
and mung bean sprouts, for extra crawnchiness!
....because i'm like that.
i used pea shoots and snow peas, scallions, brussels sprouts,
bean sprouts, wax peppers, spinach, cilantro, and asparagus!
green everywhere, for everybody.
i also used shallots, and garlic, and sesame seeds, and ginger,
and mustard, and toasted flakes of mutha-F*ing coconut, y'all,
and a sploosh of agave, and several generous splashes of tamari;
but those're all brownish tannish-type jauns.
that's an earth-toned meal to be tuned-up by eager mouths.
all the ingredients, because i'm not an actual A*-hole, after all.
just the right amount of spicy, as well-
the fumes were choking out my eyes, nose, and throat,
but the actual massive mound of hot and fiery flavor that i
shoveled, with chopsticks AND a fork (for maximum shark-gluttony)
was perfect.
with that squeezed-out keynote limesquirt juice,
and fresh cilantro leaves?
that's expert.
and you know it.
i'm back at it in this Folk Life test kitchen spot.
making moves,
making meals,
making the magic happen.
that's sort of my thing, it turns out.
working at being an active participant of the highest order,
to activate and expand the really real-life styles and desires
of a professional appreciator of beauty and battle-beastliness,
and then still coming up way short when the tab comes due?
THAT's my other thing.
awwww, man-
i might be a genius housewife philosopher monologist;
a miscreant metaman with quasi-ambiguous elitist tastes;
a warrior poet of the woodsly goodness;
and maybe even an actual heartfelt truth teller.
who knows?
it all ends up the same, no matter what.
certain times and places are made to manifest
certain ways and means.
this place right here, right as i'm typing?
word up.
it's all really happening the way it's supposed to.
there's a plot twist coming, kids.
i can feel it in my bones.
(i'm gonna spend another year alone)
this is it, until it's not;
never quiet, never soft.....

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