Sunday, August 11

late dinners, early bedtimes.

hey duders!
y'know how we get expert over here?
i'm just sayin',
we really do.
good food with even better peoples is a great big part of it.
family dinner is what's up.
for realsies.
even when i'm working late,
even when i'm somehow still suffering with sicknesses,
even when i'm not actually hungry.
family togetherness means breaking bread with the best ingredients
and sharing the table with stories of our days, and plans for our nights.
that's right, neighbors.
we share all the parts that matter,
and we chew on some fresh and tasty treats while we digest
the food for thought we serve on the side.
last night?
we took our broccoli-style stuffed bread to eleven, again.
stuffed with sauteed vegetables,
and simulated chee'-style melty white shreds of gooey wetness,
and genuine proteins disguised as beige meats.
go easy,
all together, it tastes F*ing delicious.
check the stromboli-type teleport:
c'mon, kids.
half circles of wholesome hottness,
shark-glutton attacked with reckless abandon and burnt lips.
(fake chee' is as blisteringly barbaric as authentic cheesiness)
baked-up and browned-out,
with all the usual activation and participation.
we make a necessary function an extravagant experience.
i may not be fun.
in fact,
i'm positive i'm not.
if we're gonna span time together,
i promise to feed you really, really well.
you may not leave wistfully wishing we'd seen more of each other,
but you'll stare longingly at your next meal wishing it was one of mine.
that's a thing.
of course,
twenty pounds of super-deliciousness sits pretty filppin' heavy
in the collective bellyholes of me and my kinfolk.
the cucch basically went deep into a food coma.
then again, it could've just as likely been all the fruncle (best-friend/uncle)
time he blasted through with our pretty little princesses.
i'm very lucky and twice as grateful for the people who help me out.
no jokes.
there's a concentrated competent collection of really excellent individuals
who take good care of me and mine.
i can't say i deserve it, but i sure do appreciate it.
i'm just sayin' it now, on the record.
i can't explain it,
but it's all really happening- and that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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