Sunday, August 25

nature is unused to losing.

in a never watered plantbox,
on a sunburnt and somehow still semi-shadowed spot,
in the windiest corner of the least-well-constructed deck,
at the tippy-top of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
nature STILL F*ing wins.
check the teleport:
really, neighbors.
untended and uncared for,
unlooked after, and fully forgotten about;
full bloomin' beauty still shows up to get busy with it?
it's sorta nice to know it's all always really happening,
whether you choose to actively participate in any of it or not.
i'm sayin',
even when you may never know about it,
except as an intentional accident,
orchestrated by the secret universal plan,
overlapping the hidden alcoves and nooks and crannies
of the everlasting ever-lovin' smallest spaces in the whole wide world-
you may not ever even notice it,
but it's all still there.
victory, life, liberty, infinity, the works.
there's a little bit of comfort knowing that good stuff is out there,
and a little bit of disappointment knowing that while you're part of it,
it'll keep keepin' on with or without you,
long after you've left the stage you're playing on.
you know how it goes, y'all:
there is always bitter,
there is always sweet,
and there is always ma nature.
being dope.
because she knows that rules is rules;
never quiet, never soft.....

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