Wednesday, August 28

blueberry scones.

let's cut the sh!t, whaddya say?
blah blah blahbitty blahblablah,
hottness, hardness, fresh, loud,
expert, eleven, ugly, dope,
words words words.
feel better, neighbors?
i do.
now that i've covered all the topics,
lets get to the treats.
check the do-it-lively-type teleport:
what's for breakfast?
the same as what's for dinner.
blueberry scones.
flaky, a little soft,
extra dollops of vegan sour-creaminess in the batter
made it better by adding that little somethin' special.
and the big sugar crystals go on top,
like sprankles.
and of course,
blue balls are always invited to my parties.
this way, it's sort of like i want that sort of thing...
it's a nuisance if they attend,
and a social black mark if they don't.
i make treats in front of my friends so they know it's real.
i make 'em taste good,
and i make it look easy,
every time forever and always.
and, just to one-up the process of producing products
and promoting elitism,
i do it all while talking about anything and everything.
i doo-doo that compartmentalized-brain-type sh!t.
it's called competency, kids.
in communication, creation, culinary culmination, whatever-
you know the rules-
just be dope, or F* right off.
(i just couldn't resist one more.)
(too much is the right amount.)
(...okay make that two more)
that's what's poppin' in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
repetition is basically the only order,
because activation is always on the menu;
never quiet, never soft.....

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