Thursday, August 15


i miss my daughters.
that's real.
tiny people who expect expert activities to be provided for
and for participation to me mandatory are exactly what i need
to keep every single day on it's tippy-toes,
stretched out and reaching for the sky and sh!t.
demands make sure that warrior poets compose themselves accordingly.
demanding excellent interaction and exceeding expectations.
that's it.
they get to do more fun sh!t than i do,
that's for sure.
tie dyeing and manicures and pedicures with fr'uncle cucch,
fishing with fr'auntie elsah,
swimming at the river with their buddy jessica....
uh huh.
they even got that little baby fish exfoliation process done,
courtesy of mama-san nature.
oh, c'mon.
check the teleport:
fish are biting their feet, probably in revenge for the shopped off trout heads
those two little woodsly goodswifes enacted last week.
hard styles and big fun in the north, y'all.
we doo-doo that.
or at least they do, anyway.
of course,
the other day we dominated someasian-style fusion magic in our mouths,
a la the green elephant as a fatbellied send-off to family togetherness.
what do you neighbors know about soy nugs?
then you'd better ask somebody!
beige food, y'all.
a stack of crispy chunks of super-hottness for our faces.
we're 'bout that business, and that's no jokes.
you guys don't think we didn't order dumps, do you?
if they're on the menu, then they're on my plate.
that's a thing.
check the triple-order-type teleport:
dumplings are our favorite part of any day, friends.
me and my girls and our peoples made it all really happen.
another 'nother summer of special times and places,
with all the accompanying fanfare and festivities.
i couldn't really do any of it without those kids.
that's real talk.
they're an inspirational obligation,
a rewarding responsibility,
a motivational pair of aces.
i'm grateful they're in my life,
because without 'em,
it'd all always just be more of this.
the temperature dropped, the wind picked up,
and the whole house seems like a shed snake skin.
it's empty, and it's pretty gross,
and it looks a lot like something i find interesting,
but that part has already moved on.
bright spots are often better behind you,
so that they don't blind you to what's coming next.
the only dark spots are directly in front of you at that point,
your own shadow creating blank spots the same shape as you,
only stretching farther than your normal reach.
that's bleak.
have i mentioned how bummed out i get when i'm by myself?
that often?
well, yeah, truth tellers are compelled to avoid omissions.
it's real life, documented,
and it's all really real, and it just keeps on happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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