Wednesday, August 21

probably on fire.

y'know what goes great with being dehydrated
from festy chinese food?
ninety degree weather.
y'know what takes that to eleven?
walking the long way home.
from downcity to sh!ttsville,
we hoofed it in flippy-flops.
how could that get more expert?
i'll give you a hint,
it looks like bad sh!t,
it smells like worse fire,
and it tastes like worst poison.
heroic levels of masculine activation comes from
chugging on a giant brown tube.
biggest baddest burning battle-beast-type teleport?
check it:
seven inches long , seventy ring gauge diameter!
that's the way to fumigate the bistro-type cafe seating
that the city's squads of staring stooges were seated at.
hard glares call for hard styles,
and we doo-doo that fiery fogmonster style sh!t, son.
city living was what we had happening, neighbors.
no foolin'.
and while i stay ugly,
my duder the cucch seems to just stay dope.
no, really,
check the breakfast-style teleport:
i swear he poses for these candids.
real life real talk and really really good times, y'all.
that's what i had.
that's a thing;
never quiet, never soft.....

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