Thursday, August 8

i done told y'all....

...tart tuesday is taking august off.
but lucky lucky duckies that you are,
we just waited an extra day to activate the new hottness.
for real.
you can't just cold turkey deactivate something as awesome as
a weekly tart infusion, can you?
but only if you're totally an A*-hole.
and that ain't me.
no way.
go ahead, treat yourself-
check the red, white, black, and blue teleport:
garden-fresh berries?
don't be dumb.
we've got some-god-damn-graham tart cups, there,
and some lemon pastry creme,
and some blackberry jammie-jammed cream-chee' frosting,
just enough to hold the freshest of fruits in place.
y'feel me?
a blop of jam, a splash of vanilla, a drop of lemon,
and a punch of powdery sugar, whipped and beaten into a new thing.
a sweet cement for juicy berries!
and what better way to accentuate those seedy succulents than
some thinned-out, warmed-up, and spice-infused blackberry jam glaze?
a fancy film of pectin power spread on each,
just to take it beyond the realm of super-fancy
and into the uncharted and more desirable territory of unnecessary.
that's F*ing-A right, duders.
we doo-doo that extravagant family togetherness kitchen activation-type sh!t.
and that's not all, y'all.
(it never is, is it?)
just making one kind of tart,
even when it has so many kinds of stuff in and on it,
isn't nearly over-the-top enough for us.
believe it.
harvest and maple and i are not kidding around
when it comes to serious bakery-style just be dopeness. you'd better recognize.
we pinched and pressed and packed a buttery brown sugary oatmeal cookie
crust into a fluted tin of terrific circular shapely super-hottness,!
and once we finished backing that to perfection?
we filled it with even more fancy sh!t.
check the cooler-temperatures-mean-cinnamon-type teleport:
maple pastry creme with the tiniest splash of almond up in it?
of course!
and is that toasted coconut AND toasted almonds,
caramelized with cinnamon and brown sugar and vanilla?
you bet your A* it is.
if it isn't expert,
it isn't invited.
that's for serious, friends.
i think we're activating puffed-rice barbarian bricks.
they're like krispie treats,
but taken past the limits of weak sauce and marshmallow.
we put the sugar to it every day.
we've got more than enough bitter to battle back against,
and we rise to the occasion every single time.
the kitchen is the room we span the most time in.
creativity flows through the floorboards,
and hovers in the ceiling beams.
it's like a roiling cauldron of good ideas in bubbling over,
and soaking into the fabric and flavor of the entire enclosed area.
supersaturated with the positive energy of three worthy real-life
active participants and their productive presence and presents.
we're doing what we do,
and we're doing it where we're supposed to.
a tiny encapsulated magic bubble of elite intentional creation.
we make the magic happen,
and the spells we cast are covered in frosting.
i don't get it either.
it's just a thing.
more of this?
that's really the only thing there ever is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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