Friday, August 16

expectations and expectorants.

i suppose it's just a thing, right?
y'know what i mean?
a thing.
chocolate and stuff.
i mean,
it goes so good with so many things it must also be at thing.
i'm certain of it.
the thing is,
chocolate and stuff is good,
but double bitter brown barbarian blended brew bouillabaisse  is best.
that's right, neighbors.
chocolate and coffee.
that's the one.
and if it's the one, then too much of it is the right amount, right?
of course it is.
how about four kinds of cacao-cafe combination in one place?
i think that would be what we need.
(it is)
check the brown-bloppity-type teleport:
it's one of the best things i've ever made.
no jokes.
chocolate alphabet cookies ground to power and mixed with all
kinds of cocoa and instant coffee crumbles for a crust
that i'd have eaten as hard as i could all on it's all alone own.
real talk.
and then mocha creme,
with four or more kinds of sweeteners,
and two kinds of coffee and two other kinds of chocolate!
is that ganache on top?
it clearly is-
more mocha means more magic in your mouth.
well, yeah.
of course that's vanilla and mocha frosting in alternating swirls.
what am i?
an A*-hole?
stop that sh!t-talking noise right this minute.
i make sure it's expert.
every time.
....and that's that.
baking treats and brewing coffee and combining both.
there are times being had, somewhere,
good ones,
with softer styles and greater comforts,
and all of that exists someplace in the world.
a better fate than death awaits us almost anywhere.
i should maybe start looking in those places.
maybe not.
i'm stirring the pot,
i'm humping the beehive,
i'm choosing the wrench.
the harder way, is the only way,
but at least i've got a slice of pie to see me through the day.
that's the best there is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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