Wednesday, August 28

coconut for your butt.

i figure it's time to catch up.
in that sense,
there's plenty more of all of this happening today, friends.
no jokes.
right now?
right here?
yes, y'all. 
this is the truth:
coconut blondie,
but baked in a round springform pan?
that's pretty much a plot-twist from brownie-type to heavy cake,
and it's expert because you get a slice now,
instead of a square.
you're welcome.
it's full of intentional activation, too-
coconut milk and coconut flour and coconut flakes
mixed up with other stuff, including a whole bag of light brown sugar.
that's real.
molasses-infused granules of gooey goodness melted into the mix.
yeah, i figured you did.
don't fret, neighbors,
that's coconut frosting all up on there, too.
i mean, c'mon...
what am i?
an A*-hole?
not today, duders.
baking is good for me.
that's real.
it gives me a hyper-accurate sense of concentration,
even when i've got a mixer, and oven, a couple bowls,
and a burner or two all going on at the same time.
there's omnidirectional intent manifesting in my kitchen, kids.
that's an obvious accessible place to focus my brains and energy.
and damn if i can't use a little bitty baby bit of focus.
it's good to stay in practice, after all.
there's a lot to do.
too much, even.
which is, of course, exactly the right amount.
and i guess it'll all get done,
or maybe it won't.
either way,
the unfolding blueprint is explaining it all,
in incremental creases, in universally top-secret code,
as it echoes and expands out from the epicenter
of the star-shaped overlaps of concentric cultivated coincidental circles
of spirit and memory.
but, like,
for real, though;
never quiet, never soft.....

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