Thursday, August 22


i found myself another 'nother little cutesy treat.
i mean it.
check the teleport:
big-eyed pointy-nosed spindle-legged expertism.
that's a thing.
somebody told me it's a shrew.
could be.
i don't actually care what species it is.
y'know why?
because it's a chartreuse pin, and it's made of glass,
and it's not real.
i do know that it's pretty cool,
and just the right amount of ghetto-green to get your attention
up towards the brim of my hat,
and away from the bearded weirdie wasteland i call my F*ing face.
jeez, that's a hard style.
i'll figure out a perfect blend of flair and flavor,
and the tiny bits of style will combine to form a chain of commanding
accessorized Folk Life activation.
i'm working on it.
new hats?
skull-tight short-brimmed sexy time jauns for my dumb dome.
check the teleport:
look closely, neighbors.
i got that pin-type sh!t poked-through 'em already.
a windmill and a cardinal.
i like symbols, too.
windmills like my man cervantes wrote about.
it's delusional dragons i'm repping,
powered by my foul-weathered frenemy, the wind.
imaginary monsters and answers, war, and change
blowing by on wings that pinwheel past my perceptions.
probably not.
but why a cardinal?
because they're dope.
they find a duller version of their vibrant red selves to be eclipsed
and outdone by virtue of infinite nature's cruelly intelligent design;
and they mate for life.
damn. damn. DAMN.
i guess it's gonna be THAT kind of day, friends.
i've got cupcakes i haven't frosted in two days.
i've got scones i made fresh this morning for breakfast.
it's not all always bakery magic conjuration and creation, kids.
i mean it.
and i've got a whole day ahead of me,
and what it contains is mystery more than mastery,
and maybe misery more than company,
and all of it under the awning of a new hat.
today is that day.
today is THE day.
it's another unfolding episode in an ever-elusive secret plan;
never quiet, never soft.....

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