Saturday, August 31

sling 'em like rocks.

do i sling rocks?
do i build with blocks?
sorta kinda.
do i build better relationships and stronger friendships
through the wholehearted dispensation of super-dopeness?
but only if,
when we say super-dopeness,
we are referring exclusively to the sole soulful source of
every good thing that exists in this world?
no. not love.
no. not hope.
no. not tolerance.
c'mon, now, don't be dumb....
in descending order, i care less and less about those three things.
but i DO care about what's in my big bags.
i'm talking about actual super-dopeness.
i'm talking about the reason most folks even speak to me.
i'm TALKING about mutha-F*ing Rock Bloxxx.
check the what-the-crap-is-a-dimebag-type teleport:
big dozens in big bags are what the self-prescribed dosage comes packaged in.
too much is the right amount, isn't it?
and since yesterday was elsah's berfday,
it was time to get crackin' alongside dawn's crack,
and crackrock cookup on some cookies from the future.
believe it.
i doo-doo that block-rockin' baked greatness, neighbors.
woodsly goodness, stand UP.
wordimus prime, i rep my 'hood, y'all.
it's good to have a signature thing.
i may actually have several.
the enduring endearing activation i provide
come is trios of oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chips and brown sugar.
that's a thing.
going one shy of a dozen is great on a scale of one-to-ten.
no foolin'.
eleven is as eleven does, after all.
i'm beginning to realize that i'm a baker at heart,
and a baker's dozen does a few better than that.
i've gotta start taking it to thirteen unlucky numberwangs in 2013.
i mean,
i wouldn't want to miss out, would i?
no way, kids.
i've got ulterior motives, too, maybe,
because b!tches be gettin' addicted to these drops of turbo-hottness,
and that keeps 'em all coming back around again and again.
that's it.
as long as the oven is crankin' out treats,
there's sure to be company at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
the candyman can, but the bakerman does.
real talk;
never quiet, never soft.....

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