Wednesday, August 14


i still make treats.
i mean, of course i do.
but this time,
i had some help.
closing out a sweet summer vacation of good times
with my two favorite girls,
we got busy with our bakery skills,
and took our Folk Life festivities to eleven.
what can i tell you, neighbors?
harvest and maple kept it expert all week,
so we made some tarts together to celebrate another 'nother
fully activated expanse of time together.
check the four-step tart time-type teleport:
you betcha.
brown sugar makes it all better,
and butter gets top notch like 'scotch,
and with some vegan creamy hottness from the future?
it's the perfect blended beige blop for a puffy pastry bite-sized cup.
vanilla frosting in a floret on top makes the sweetness mellow out,
and a buttery hopscotch drizzle of homestyle caramel sauce takes it home.
we win.
those girls made sure we had the best times ever.
family togetherness is what we do best.
making treats is a close second.
summer is basically over as far as i'm concerned.
the kids went home this morning,
and the house is a hole tonight.
over and over,
filled, full, failing, fruitless, fresh, forever and ever...
this is all there ever is, y'all;
never quiet, never soft.....

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