Tuesday, August 20

sinking ships.

a sunken ship is something that isn't what it was,
but is still something interesting.
i mean,
as a vessel and vehicle for maneuvering the high seas,
it's no longer doing it right...
and yet,
sunken ships are pretty dope.
i mean,
sunken treasures, salvages, historical landmarks,
accidental new-reef coral habitats, whatever-
they serve a new and useful purpose.
sure it sucks that they aren't unfurling sails on the open water,
but they've become a part of the legend of the ocean or some sh!t.
that's optimism, neighbors.
enjoy it.
where there is some new beginning begotten from bottoming out,
there is a lot less that seems so good about sinking ships.
that's a whole other 'nother thing.
what i mean is,
i feel like i might be a sinking ship.
forever, though.
bailing out with bucket after bucket,
to stay just afloat enough to perpetually be almost done-for.
not moving of my own accord,
but listing along at the whim of tides and winds and what-have-you.
imagine that, friends.
half-drowned and without life boats or preservers.
without lifesavers candy for that matter.
the captain always goes down with the ship, kids.
i guess i'm just waiting for a wave or a whale to swallow me whole,
and carry me off to an octopus's garden or something.
of course,
this is not a magnificent disaster.
no titanic-type tale of love and loss.
just a head-above-water forever kind of thing.
never quiet, never soft.....

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