Friday, February 16


2018 is already an eleven year.
yeah, that's a thing.
2+0+1+8= 11.
y'get it?
c'mon- y'got it.
today is also THE day,
and now, with a new moon blackout keeping the skies dark,
it's also officially the year of the DOG (again)!
so shoutouts to DarkMan X, a.k.a. the dog; also known as earl simmons,
for providing the soundtrack to the workday, for sure.
it's happening.
the TÊT, bro.
lunar new year.
the new hottness.
and today is when it pops off.
what's good?
i've got a whole mess of sesame seeds toasted up,
and i've got a whole lotta fresh from-scratch seitan ready for red oil,
and i've also, and this one is key here, got a F*ing DOG.
as far as i'm concerned, today is crabtree appreciation day.
and very proud we all always are of that terrible terrorizing milky boi.
it's the year of the dog, dudes.
rules is rules.
meanwhile, independent of any celestial timekeeping,
i burned an embarrassing mountain of hoarded paper bags last night.
i did.
i looked into a long-forgotten pantry, and discovered a whole world of
weird sh!t i must've stashed in there years ago.
but, the days of stockpiling stupid stuff are over,
and the nights of burning it all to ash have just begun.
i think it might've all the chick peas pumping me full of raw berserker power?
is that something that happens?
i dunno.
it might be.
i was all hopped-up on curry,
and spicy chicky peepee might've pushed me over the edge.
check the teleport:

shouts to chana saag, son!
what's in it?
i'll tell you: chickpeas (chana) and spinach (saag).
more specifically?
i mean, that's pretty specific, man.
you wanna know how to make it on your own....
it's like this:
in a big ol' pan, warm up 3 T vegan earth balance butter,
and saute, on medium high heat-
1/2 diced onion;
3 cloves garlic;
when the onion gets a little translucent, add:
1/2 cup chopped tomato;
2 tsp minced skin-on organic ginger;
1 tsp turmeric;
1/4 tsp black pepper; cinnamon; hot paprika; cardamon;
1/2 tsp coriander seed; cumin; cayenne; mustard seed;
next, stir in:
1 can 15oz rinsed chick peas;
drizzle in:
2 T hotsauce;
1 habanero;
1 jalapeno;
1/2 cup water.
lid it, and let it absorb all that liquid,
then add a sh!t ton of chopped spinach.
i rep the baby-leaf stuff because it's already bite-sized,
but big-big real spinach is totally just as good.
have you ever made rice?
ok. well, do that, too.
but, leave room for some roti-style flatbread, neighbors.
a scoopie scooper of bread is tight at all times,
and i recommend it highly-
1/2 cup flour;
1/4 tsp salt;
1/2 tsp bakey powpow;
2 tsp non-dairy yogurt;
1 tsp melted butterish;
2 T warm water.
knead it, rest it, shape it, and give it a good, thorough pan fry on a HOT skillet, pan, griddle, or whatever.
just be sure to toast both sides.
the next step is setting yourself up for suppertime success.
jalapeno, cilantro, lime, scallion sprankles, and coolwater cukes for crunch!!!!
that's expert.
but when you add a dollop of unsweetened cashew yogurt to the mix?
that's that eleven-year sh!t i mentioned earlier for sure.
yeah, i ate a whole heap of it.
yeah, i had seconds.
yeah, i was very happy with the results of my decisions.
too much is the right amount, buddy.
don't forget that.
and now it's the other other new year.
looks like it's time to take a few dumps on my face.
i think that's more than fair.
after all,
i bombarded all y'all with heart-shaped cake for weeks,
and here i am,
all by my lonesome,
ready and willing to dump 'em out,
for freelookfriday,
and there's no damned dirty doggies to dig in with.
except crabtree, but the i'd have to make it gluten/onion/garlic/soy free.
these upscale luxury purebreed dudes come with a lot of complications.
i'm not saying i mind,
i'm saying i don't have a dumpling team assembled for this evening.
i'll live.
after all,
it's still crabtree appreciation day, even if he and i are having separate meals.
TÊT is here, and it's all really happening...
another dark night rises,
and i guess the temperature is set to drop over forty fahrenheit degrees, too.
nature wins, and dogs do what dogs do.
i guess that's the theme for today;
never quiet, never soft.....

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