Saturday, February 3


i was serving up some scandalous pictures last night.
hot noods, for all the dudes.
they weren't dirty, really, but they sure were spicy.
believe it.
RAMEN NOODOOS were representing all the positivity and flavor for supper!
word up.
wanna see?
i know you do, because y'all nasty.
that's alright, because i'm about to show you, anyway.
that's real,
because y'boi nasty, too!
check the hot-and-spicy-sweet-and-sour-type teleport:

i had a heroic heaping helping of squigglers, in some house-made broth.
(don't you ever come at me with a flavor packet, kid)
i like mine wet, but i want MORE stuff than just soup and noodles.
that's the truth,
because as always, too much is the right amount, right?
i had sesame oil searing up two whole cloves of sliced garlic,
and the flavor was otherworldly in the most heavenly astral-projection kind of way.
i seared all that tofu in the garlic-infused remaining oil, until all sides were crisp af.
i toasted those sossamon sesame sprankles in whatever was left after that.
and that's just what was poppin' in the fry-up pan.
the soup pot was even TILTIER, neighbors.
sesame oil charred leeks, carrots, and cabbage started things off right.
that's half a cup of sliced leek, one medium-large carrot, bias-cut,
and a cup and a half of chopped cabbage, for the record.
the leeks get so good in that small spot of sesame oil.
the cabbage, when blackened a bit on the edges is molto molto tight, man.
and carrots with a slight char, still crisp, are the business, bro.
believe it.
then there's celery heart, about half a cup, diced-
and a couple cups of broccoli florets, too boot.
those get added along with the broth, and boiled just enough to get softish,
but not turn doo-doo green.
the broth is the boss, too-
4 T tamari;
4 T rice wine vinegar;
4 T green sriracha;
2 T ho'sauce;
1 tsp each Garlic Powder and Onion Powder;
1 tsp coriander seed;
2 T agave nectar;
2/4 tsp better-than-bouillon soup base;
2 tsp finely-chopped organic skin-on ginger;
and enough water to bring the volume up to 2 cups. (and to 11 as well)
from there, y'just prep some ramen, in water.
add half the soup, the noods, the rest of the soup,
and then activate all the exxxtras.
lettuce! jalapeno! cilantro! scallion! the tofu and the garlic!
those sesame spranks!
and, just to be a champ- half an AVO-F*ING-CADO!!!
that's a massive attack on dinner,
but i triumphed and consumed every last morsel, including the broth.
man, oh MAN, i do love a sexxxy nood.
i think i was eating all my feels, actually.
home alone with crappy crabtree,
colder than witch nips,
winded upon by a northwesterly wotanic devilbreath,
feeling old and busted and torn and forlorn and all that.
happy new, though, guys-
the ramen bomb set it off, and offset any initial sadness with
full-bellied full-bodied burly tingling spicy new hottness.
that's why i do the things i do.
because food is my medicine,
and it's essentially a nutrient-dense mood-and-performance enhancer,
one stovetop lab dose at a time.
oh, c'mon.
...i'm ok with it.
and tonight, it's likely to be just as cold, and just as dark, again-
so i'm going to have to cook just as hard, or harder, even.
we do build immunity to pleasure over time, right?
that's why there's no such thing as too much of a good thing.
because yesterday's limits are today's standards.
the whole point is MORE,
and i'm doing my part to make it happen.
perpetual improvement in quality and quantity.
that's the goal this weekend, next weekend,
and every one henceforth, forthwith;
never quiet, never soft.....

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