Wednesday, February 7


i s'pose i like not having to guess what i want for dinner on tuesday night.
i mean,
it's taco tuesday,
and rules is rules.
from there, all that's left to determine is how involved and intricate i'm feeling
about my soft flour foldovers,
and what sort of super-official exxxtra-expert deluxe dopeness i need to fill 'em with.
yeah, neighbors, i know you do,
because we're a team of taco lovers,
and we don't need dirty dead bodies decomposing in our guts
to make us feel like we're really livin' the best life-
in fact, i think we can all agree that NOT having a heap of murdered meat hunks
has got to be better for us, and the planet, and the general attitude of mankind as a whole.
that's a lot of pressure on a taco, huh?
i'm up for it, man.
check the teleport:

seven mutha-flippin' ferocious and flavorful soft flour dominators,
totally loaded with alllllll the best stuff.
the homemade best-yet rainbow fiesta guacamole is on there!!!
and the ho'sauce-activated, nootch-boosted refried beans!
yeah, that's how y'get the party started right.
and grilled poblano pepper and sweet onion?
how could it even get better?
with homemade seitan asada, bro.
oregano, cumin, thyme smoked paprika, chili-lime ho'sauce, GPOP,
and olive oil, all seared into the surfce of that thick, protein-packed wheat-meatlessness.
it was too frickin' good to go easy on.
and for the record,
i thought i was having company,
but both potential dining guests passed at the last,.
and i was forced to take down a monstrous meal all by my lonesome.
yeah, i rallied-
c'mon, you had a doubt?
that's dumb.
i'm a F*ing professional shark-glutton,
and packing on the pounds is NOT something i shy away from.
scallion and cilantro sprankles made an appearance.
so did some crazy good heirloom tomato salsa fresca.
that's a spoonful of  minced jalapeno;
the whites of a bunch of green onions (how about that?);
a cup of chopped rainbow grape tomatoes;
a spoonful of minced fresh cilantro;
salt, black pepper, and lime juice... expert.
lettuce and pea shoots and radishes and sweet baby bell peppers in red orange and yellow
all had their time to shine on each of these tasty jauns.
and they did just that.
i mean it.
these were glowing and glorious, each and every bite's worth brought the NOISE to the boys.
the quick-mixed pickles only get better every time.
orange and yellow carrot wedges, radish, red and sweet onion, jalapeno, and garlic,
in cider vinegar with pink salt and demerara sugar,
boiled and softened and cooled and devoured.
so simple, but so incredibly delicious.
they're sort of mandatory, man.
and that rice?
with colorful peppers and green onions, cilantro,
and dried chunks of garlic and onion steamed right IN there?
for realsies, this meal was a masterpiece.
i was sad not to share it, but i was also pretty stoked not to share it.
lime wedges and sliced fresh jalapenos and some ho'sauce competed the look.
it's not easy going all out every night,
but, honestly, what would i be doing otherwise?
watching television?
getting drunk?
wasting time on things that don't stimulate creative thought,
or produce nourishment for mind, body, and soul?
come on now, friends, that's not me.
i'm not out there trying to have fun.
i'm trying to make things, not just do things.
and i'm trying to eat better, and MORE, than all of y'all.
my body is the spot, bro.
the nexus for all of my constructive actions.
most tacos are great.
(except crunchy tacos; those are bullsh!t)
but these tacos are representative of something metaphysical.
it's focus, and intent, and productive work,
and the enjoyment also stimulates and sustains me on every level.
if y'all were watching some dumb show eating dead cow crumbles,
stuffed in a cheesy twelve-pack with that seasoning-packet hobby kit weak sauce?
i think you might be missing an opportunity to be bigger and better than that.
or not. i don't know you, so you might suck.
i hope not.
or, at least, i hope you choose to cut that sh!t out, and become something more valuable;
never quiet, never soft.....

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