Sunday, February 10


underneath this hard-styled heavy-handed pounded-in lotus,
there's a super not-very-good leopard shark:

we said bye bye to the bad, and welcomed in some new clothes for that old foot.
ted has known me for a long time,
and yesterday, we kept with tradition, and gave me one of his problems to solve.
i did what i could, and i savaged and brutalized his very bony fat-free footsie for a bit.
did i take a before picture?
of course not.
if he doesn't want the old bustedness, why would i need to remind the world
of what lurks beneath the surface?
y'got me.
i forgot.
i always do.
you'd think after nearly 20 years of this, i'd maybe once in a while remember
to document the process.
i don't do that, apparently.
we're moving forward like time, neighbors,
and what has passed will stay in the past,
and let's all cross our fingers that the new-new will last.
wouldn't that be neat?
never quiet, never soft.....

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