Saturday, February 9


sunflower mandala?
that's a thing.
semi-swirly mandala exxxtra add-ons?
i mean, if we're already there, we might as well-
word up.
check it out:

there's a LOT going on here:
longs legs, lots of lines, so many dots, and all the shapes.
damn, dudes, i don't always overdo it,
but when i do, it's almost always.
and then, after running a bit behind, due to a few modifications to the design,
and the fact that those modifications would've derailed all my prior efforts,
had i actually made any effort prior to the arrival of my client-
i had to draw the whole thing.
then, for my next one, which was a fortieth berfday tattoo exxxplosion,
i drew it all directly ON to my client,
and we went for it with enthusiastic abandon.
that's real.

healed ones, and freshie fresh ones, too.
repeat jauns can't be beat.
we trust each other, and we like each other,
and that makes for better times and better tattoos.
then again, that's what we DO over here:
better art for better people.
and anyway, i'll tattoo all the flowers all day long.
so, it was a very full day.
that was good.
and my clients were great.
and that was good, too.
and the folks they brought in with them?
also great.
AMPERSAND TATTOO was full of life yesterday,
and it felt very satisfying.
every single day isn't the best one,
but making tattooing fun again in 2019 has proven to be the right call
every single day.
it's all really happening, and it's way better than last year-
for the record, last year was F*ing amazing, so measure that and get back to me;
never quiet, never soft.....

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