Monday, February 4


did i watch the superbowl?
it doesn't look good for that happening any time ever.
i don't care about that at all, and i behave accordingly.
i DO love food, though, dudes.
that's no joke-
in the past,
i've laid out a shark-gluttonous feeding-frenzied fat-faced full spread
of veganized traditional spectator sports foodstuffs.
this year,
with breezy and i both absolutely indifferent to the closest-thing-to-a-local-team
playing in the big deal bummerbowl,
we decided to double down on some epic nachos instead.
that's as close as we got to giving a F* about sports.
the nacho game was championship level for sure.
too much is the right amount,
and that is exxxactly the approach that my grandstanding tortilla tray embodied.

that's nacho libre for life, homeboys and girls.
wordimus prime.
what's all that awesome stuff on top?
legit, it's everything!
so, there's tortillas, obvi.
gluten free corn crunchers by the bagful.
and nootch-boosted GPOP'd refried beans blopped all over the place.
then, MINCED daiya mozz and cheddar in enormous quantity.
and homemade tempeh taco crOmbles, with all the spicy spice and nicey nice
that one man could manage in a hurry.
...that stuff was a magnificent addition,
and added substance and body to the whole dang thing.
y'got black beans spread out all over the place,
because MORE beans is better than a lotta beans, for sure.
red onion sprankles? absolutely!
chopped sweet tomatoes? of course!
pickled jalapenos? you know it!
fire-roasted green chilis? heck yeah!
the add-ons are essential to maxxximum activation, man. believe it.
i don't normally eff with black olives.
they seem to almost always taste tinny and not-dope.
however, black is beautiful, and i'm a muh-fuh'n ally, guys.
so i splurged and got the 'spensive jauns.
lemme just say this- they were GREAT!
all of that, in the oven at 400 luscious fahrenheit degrees,
until there were melty chee' bits bubblin'.....
and then we got to work really activation that exxxtra hottness.
that's right.
rules is rules, and the objective here was MORE.
we got lime-kissed vegan sour cream.
we got from-scratch fire-roasted tomato salsa.
we got lime wedges to wet 'em up with.
we got sunovab!tchin' bad-A* homemade silken tofu vegan QUESO bro.
the boomfire is hot as heck at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress, son.
that's real.
plus, scallion sprankles.
and cilantro leaves everywhere.
oh, and last, but über-importantly,
we got that AVO-MUTHA-F*ING-CADO up on these bad boys, too.

who could think a dumb game is better than a bomb batch or burly barbarian supernachos?
only an A*-hole, definitely.
am i gonna post recipes?
those side sauces, tho:

i mean,
if you ain't dippin' you ain't sh!t, bruh.
real talk.
i think i ate at least two actual pounds of salty mountain manly magic.
i was charged up to span time with breezy like a stormswept savage.
and that worked out great.
spanning time as far removed from everyone else,
and deeply involved in some expert level-eleven togetherness.
that's all i needed, and i got a megadose of it just in time.
maybe the region is on fire with joy at another 'nother win by the game boys
that they had literally NO impact or part in creating.
i'm lit with happiness at those nachos tho.
i know that i scored hard, all on my own, without an endorsement
or a lucky logo'd licensed sports apparel shirt.
and i did it stone sober, like always,
and i spent it with the only one i could've enjoyed being a hermit with.
super times in the woodsly goodness have got me SO happy
that i don't have to watch a parade or anything,
and i can just make a thick-crust deep pizza instead.
it's all about food and family when it isn't about art and tattoos.
everything i like is a closed loop,
and i'm content to continue refining that circle to perfection;
never quiet, never soft.....

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