Saturday, February 9


another 'nother other punchinello??

i've gotten a little further from the mr. punch style,
and a lot closer to the italian buffoon clowns these days.
that's cool.
a lot of folks don't like clowns.
i don't mind 'em, but i don't really consider these punchy boys to be clowns, really.
jesters, maybe?
right? those were the deformed weirdies that kings and their courts laughed at.
or was that a fool?
or are those the same, thing.
i don't know that when i jest, i'm being foolish; 
or when i'm being foolish, it's always in jest.
however, i DO know that i like punchinellos.
so, i'm gonna draw 'em until i run out of inspiration.
i've got a new unofficial in-between appointments mission:

2.5" x 3".
i'm aiming to make up ALL the D&D mini character drawings that i can fit in.
what do i mean 'fit in'?
that's when people think they're getting free money (it's their money)
and they do NOT want to invest it in a brighter future for themselves and their families,
so they get all tatted up, and allow me to have a brighter future for me and mne.
...thanks taxtards!
ANYway, that means it gets busy busy,
and with only seven weeks or so until this little bitty beautiful baby girl of ours gets here,
it's gonna be a wild ride to the finish line.
once she's here, everything will need to be adjusted and likely also readjusted,
and who knows how many little drawings i'll be awake enough to do.
it's already a mad mash through february.
i feel mad, but not angry,
just wild.
it's all really happening,
and it might even be too much.
i guess that's good, tho.
too much is the right amount.
that's a fact;
never quiet, never soft.....

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