Tuesday, February 5


it's lunar new year, neighbors!!!
and you know i said two different sets of magic words!
wait, what do you mean: what?
oh man,
rules is rules, and on the first day, you say the thing.
yeah you do.
so first i said rabbit! rabbit!, to let 'em know i want good fortune.
then, just so spirits and memory of the the twelve-year five-element wheel
are aware that i'm not effin' around,
i also said: WOOD PIG WOOD PIG.
yeah, boi!
it's the year of the wood pig....whatever the heck that means.
i'm psyched about it.
like, i'm gonna have a little wood piglet in april, and that means she'll be super friendly?
the rules for this stuff are complicated, but they've been around for a little minute,
so i s'pose we'll see what happens when we get there.
it's a new day, and a new year,
and a whole new chance to be better and do MORE.
i like that,
but really, that's every day, isn't it.
oh well,
here's another 'nother daruma for your face:

i'll call him BLANCO D!
he's lookin' a bit more classic doll style,
and the white robe is for love and harmony, or so the chart tells me.
i like a lot of love and harmony, so i'm cool with that.
i want to draw a lot more.
i think i might need to, actually.
too much is the right amount.
there's only so much time to make the magic happen,
and make moves that matter,
and art that i enjoy.
the rest of my time is completely accounted for, and that's exhausting at best.
it's all really happening.
wood pigs, one-eyed wishin' zen dudes, rabbits, tattoos-
it's all unfolding, and once again, today is the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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