Sunday, February 3


i did seven tattoos yesterday.
two pairs of matchies,
some words,
and a big ol' owl:

we started it months ago, and made it all nicey-nice and finished!
i drew it on with markers last year,
and wrapped up the color and touch ups first thing yesterday.
am i obsessed with work?
not exactly, but if i have a minute, and i'm AT work,
i'd rather be working than just hanging out,
although the studio is precisely the place that feels the most comfortable to me.
besides the welcoming walls of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
but that's only because there's a stove to work with there.
i even squeezed in four inches of freehand flowers for the third friend in the first group.
i'm nice.
check it:

tiny tinies with all the lines.
shoutouts to girl tattoos, am i right?
and also,
in between fun tattz and matchy tattz and cookies every hour on the hour,
i had my homeboy jesse getting expert af on my back bathroom back home.
that's solid.
and honestly exciting and incredible.
and i know i'm feelin' pretty lucky about it right now.
that's a serious saturday.
but, i made one misstep-
i did.
i saw this, and i didn't get it:

how F*ing kyoooooooot???
my favorite dinosaur in ready-to-go baby's room decor?!
i effed up.
guess who is STILL not watching the superbowl??
i promise you i will never give a flying F* about organized sports.
it's just not in me to care about wealthy people playing a game.
and i don't give a sh!t about commercials, either.
in fact, i've lost a little of the luster of my big not-watchin'-the-'bowl feast, too.
i may just go harder than hard on turbo nachos, and see where that takes me.
one massive mountain of tortillas and every kind of fixin',
and enough salt to match my saltiness at everybody else crowded around their teevee
being invested in something that literally reflects on nothing about any of them.
i have a big mouth about watching sports.
i don't think it's made any difference at all to the larger population of generic jerks
who think it matters that they like dudes who run the best or whatever,
but if i hold it in, i might actually die.
i gotta see you logo'd up in oversized jerseys everywhere i go?
that's cool.
but i reserve the right to b!tch about how lame i think that is on MY blog.
i think that's fair.
call me crazy,
but i doubt the superfans are regular readers of my online diary about vegan food
and occasional tattoos over here...
more importantly,.
i think i just got more excited about fully-loaded nachos.
that's almost like a compromise;
never quiet, never soft.....

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