Friday, February 8


ravioli, ravioli, RAVIOLI!
semi-semolina pasta pockets,
packed with furious levels of delciousness,
and tossed in a superior sauce.
sounds like a great night to me, man.
i love a good rav', and they love me right back.
so, when i get in a mood,
and i have that huge hungry craving for some expert level tomato sauce,
i feel compelled to create a big ol' batch of these bad boys.
check the formuoli-type teleport:

too much is the right amount!
f'really realsies, neighbors.
SO many ravioli, and a whole lotta sauce, too.
these fat packets are stuffed to the limit
with a spoonful of homemade vegan tapioca/tofu mozzarella on the bottom,
and minced seared red peppers, shallot, and wilted shredded spinach over that.
a hot pan, a little olive oil, a little GPOP, pink salt,
and black pepper to activate the infinite natural essence of everything,
and you've got yourself a fully formed filling, for sure.
i had my peps minced up pretty small, and the shallots, just as finely diced....
when that starts to smell all sorts of roasty, you just toss in the spinach for a second,
and it shrivels down to nothin' with the quickness.
the pasta is almost exactly the usual recipe:
in your stand mixer, with the hook attached, knead up:
1/2 cup flour;
2/3 cup semolina flour;
1 tsp salt;
33 craxxx of coarse black pepper;
2 T olive oil;
1/2 cup warm water.
11 minutes in the bowl, 11 minutes wrapped and rested, rolled on a floury surface,
and cut up and out into circles, or spread into two sheets if you've got that cool cutter
that snips and seals as it goes....
i have one, but i don't have the spatial awareness to make even ravs with it.....yet.
ANYway, you'll want to make the filling while the dough does it's thing.
the tapioca mozz recipe is here.
it's verrrrry good.
i cut out 2" circles for my ravs, and i made almost 30 of 'em, all told.
that's like sixty circles, to top and bottom out each little pillow of perfected hottness.
filled, slightly moistened around the rim, sealed, and crimped to close 'em even tighter,
and prevent popping in the water.
what do i mean 'the water'?!
yeah, duder.
don't you have a big vat of salty water boiling yet?
well, you should;
these aren't going to be very good unboiled, bud.
so don't be like that, and toss 'em in, and let 'em float up, to toss in some sauce.
now. i always take a scoop of the water and splash it in with a scoople of sauce,
and toss all my ravs together so they're fully coated in the magic.
that's the right way.
you can do it other ways....i'm not the boss of you.
a sauce bath, before adding MORE sauce, means better flavors, for sure.
you'll see.
and this sauce?
it's molto dope.
that's no joke.
so, first things first, i used my high-speed blender to pulverize two shallots,
two cloves of garlic, and a carrot,
which i added to a tablespoon of olive oil, and sauteed on high heat to soften everything
and slightly brown the garlic bits....
while that was sizzling away, i added a cup of whole baby grape tomatoes,
and a tablespoon of nootch,
and 1/2 tsp each of GPOP, plus sage and thyme and basil....
next, i added a tablespoon of red wine vinegar,
a tablespoon of tamari (keeping it gluten-free for future usage)
and a half-cup of crushed tomatoes.
i brought that up to a boiling bubbly lavalike temperature,
added a shake of rubbed rosemary, and lots of black pepper,
then added another 'nother cup of tomatoes, this time fire-roasted chunky crushed jauns.
and a glug of agave, and a half cup of warm water-
back to a boil it went, and then down to a simmer it stayed for some time,
with the wooden spoon still in it- rules is rules, and that's how it's done.
so, that's the basics.
to turn it up, you need to lay out a ladleful of sauce on your plate,
arrange your ravs to maxxximum visual appeal,
allowing those fat cooked baby tomatoes to intersperse and sex it up a bit.
you'll need MORE sauce according to your own preferece.
i add a LOT, and ten i add some more.
...and when it's thick enough to eat with a fork?
i doo-doo that freaky sh!t, bruh. obvi.
what do you think i am?
some sort of half-steppin' sucka-type A*-hole?
nah, kids.
i'm a sauce-slurping tomato tyrant,
and i don't play when it comes to raviolis.
y'all better recognize.
i'm sayin', check the teleport:

that's right.
grated miyoko mozz on top?
F* yes.
i like a little melty goodness to activate any latent lusciousness.
who wouldn't?
and fresh flat leaf parsley sprankles to make sure you know this is serious.
the pepper in the pasta is just spicy enough to give it a bite.
the sauce has a LOT of flavor going on,
but it doesn't overpower the peppers and spinach inside each pouch.
and the homemade chee' in there is highly complimentary to the texture of everything.
all in all, it's damn near perfect.
i really like that, even if it was time consuming.
what else was i gonna do/
tax prep?
um, well, yeah.
i did that too.
for the record,
the ravioli were much more rewarding.
although the tax prep was more time consuming.
ice storms and a slushy aftermath.
that's what's up in the woodsly goodness.
it's wet, it's warm (sorta),
and we're walking around getting soaked and sloppy.
crabtree hates it, and i'm not much of a fan either.
but that's what we do, so we're doing it.
this dog is getting up earlier and earlier,
and i think he's in for a real bummer starting tonight.
i don't want to be awake at 3:30.
no thank you.
if i'd wanted to live on farmer's hours, i'd have gotten myself a farm, y'heard?
4:30 is fine, but that extra hour is mandatory.
and it's not as if this damned dumb dog is doing anything important with the time.
he's just being super annoying.
maybe we need more intense after-dinner activities.
i'll have to enact some new physically challenging decrees for us to obey.
or at least, for him to obey.
good luck with that.
bull terriers don't give even a single solitary small F* about what you say.
it's like i got the dog version of teenaged me;
never quiet, never soft.....

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