Monday, February 4


wearing your heart on your sleeve has never looked better.
i had a whole bunch of fun tattooing my friend rachel,
and together we got into some mostly-freehand drawn-up marky-markery
too-many-lines-type heart and flower magic.
check it:

all the lines, and all the flowers, and very little of the original photo reference
that she brought-
we just let it happen, and it happened to be pretty flippin' expert.
i don't always do fun tattz,
but whenever i do, i'm reminded about how much i love tattooing.
making tattooing fun again in 2019
is what we're all about at AMPERSAND TATTOO.
everything else is just movie checks.
(and we love those too)
a grand don't come for free, for sure;
but having a great time at work counts double.
i'm so grateful for the good clients i've got-
i swear we've got better people getting better art every damned day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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