Saturday, February 2


the lunar new year is coming up soon.
it is.
it'll be on tuesday, actually,
and that'll be yet another 'nother opportunity for
a whole other exxxtra new year's resolution.
for all those overachievers out there, it's one more annual activation
for self-imrpovement.
i don't know what to pick as my primary action item for lunar rebirth,
but i know it'll need a lot of attention once i decree what needs to be done.
it's going to be the year of the wood pig.
the F*ing wood pig.
i don't make the rules for this one,
but i DO make pictures of things that make my imagination work.
check the teleport:

it's not a wood pig, it's a WAR PIG.
i'm humming black sabbath and making a lot of little lines.
i'd probably click on that picture to get the full scope and spectrum of that detail work.
if i get the chance, i'll be making MORE wood pig art from now until tuesday.
who knows what the future holds?
not me.
it's forever in flux, and i can't put my finger on it to pin down any answers.
here's hoping that i'll have clear direction as to what i'm doing next come the new moon.
i've got a whole bunch of flying lanterns i'd like to launch.
maybe that's the first order of business.
we'll see;
never quiet, never soft.....

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