Tuesday, February 12


oatmeal sourdough from scratch.
that's already a F*ing triumph.
naturally-leavened fermented homemade baked burliness,
live and direct for the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
good bread makes better people.
that's a fact.
it makes waaaaayyyyyy better french toast.
that's right.
radical vegan french-style toast for breakfast means radical vegan hottness
is coursing through my veins all damned day.
and that's expert af.
check the teleport:

there's glug upon glug of real new hampshire maple syrup in EVERYthing.
it's gotta be the real stuff- rules is rules.
and i put it EVERYwhere,
because too much is the right amount.
that's the truth.
three fat slices of thick oaty burliness,
soaked in the eggless exxxcellence of a custom cinnamon-nutmeg-maple syrupy sauce,
and sizzled up in coconut oil  for a few minutes on each side,
topped with a pat of vegan butter,
those strawbs,
powdered sugar sprankles,
AND cinnamon spranks just to turn it up a little louder.
if your french-style toast doesn't feel like a french-style kiss that goes to eleven,
i don't know what the eff you're even bothering for.
like, c'mon,
if you aren't gonna do it right, just have cereal you big baby.
i had one cup of sliced frozen strawberries,
a tablespoon of maple syrup,
a teaspoon of vanilla, warming up in a small pot.
that's that sexxxy sauce.
and the batter?
man, THAT'S the big action.
how's something like that happen?
like this:

and now, here's the way to do it at your house-

in a shallow pan, whisk together:
1/2 cup almond/coconut-blend milk;
2 T maple syrup;
3 T chick pea flour;
1 T nootch;
1 T ground chia/flaxmeal;
cinnamon and nutmeg to taste...
^^ guys, it's super delicioso.
i soaked my slices in it until they were thoroughly saturated, and most of the s'milk
was absorbed.
i also used a HOT pan, with a full tablespoon of sizzlin' coconut oil,
and gave those slabs a few minutes on each side to get good and golden brown.
and the i plated 'em up with all that good stuff.
i even syruped the bottom of the plate,
to make sure the bottom slice got as much sweetness as the top one.
i've got a system for eatin' breakfast, neighbors.
it's so bright out,
but it's no degrees outside.
the light is a trick, and the absence of heat is a rude truth.
the storm is coming, and it's ready to bury us alive, again.
i'm ready.
to shovel.
to hibernate.
to freeze.
whatever is headed our way, there's nothing for it but to endure it.
that is the only path in front of us, right?
nature wins, and she doesn't care about kindness or convenience.
cold and bright,
dark and stormy,
long nights, hard styles, tough times-
that's what's happening.
all of it, and somewhere underneath the surface
there's a bigger picture waiting to be pieced together;
never quiet, never soft.....

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