Sunday, May 5


i made another 'nother pizza.
a nighttime pizza.
an exxxtra pizza.
a simpler pizza.
wanna see?

wet dough, high heat, good sauce, fresh chee', and few sprankles.
there are shallot chips and fresh cracked black pepper and fried garlic
and fire-roasted tomato flakes.
the dough was fairly cooperative for a sloppy wet one with a short proof.
1 1/2 cups of king arthur flour;
1 1/2 tsp sea salt;
2 T olive oil;
3/4 cup warm water;
1 pkg active dry yeast;
1 tsp bread machine yeast...
kneaded with a dough hook in your stand up mixer,
the drill is always the same-
11 minutes of beat it up time, and a rise.
i use my seasoned steel sheet, and the stone,
and 485 luscious fahrenheit degrees.
it's pretty expert.
and i feel like i want to eat more pizza.
see that chee'? that's from scratch.
see that sauce? that's homemade.
that's how you do it.
and if you're gonna do it? DO IT.
yes, i ate two pizzas yesterday.
too much is the right amount.
i'm eating feelings and fillin' emotional holes.
i can't say it works,
but i can say it was delicious.
sometimes that's the best you get;
never quiet, never soft.....

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