Tuesday, May 14


you think you like sharks?
do you like them enough to get a hand-destroyin' jaws jobstopper tat?
so you only sorta like sharks.
that's cool.
but i did a tattoo yesterday for a full-blown savage stormswept shark fanatic
and that's taking shark attacks to eleven:

daaaaaaaaamn, duders.
these people out here at AMPERSAND TATTOO doing wild sh!t.
wait until it heals.
that mitt is a swollen hoof of horror at the moment...
but it's all part of the plan.
y'ever see the jaws movie poster art?
that's this, only with simpler TEEF, accounting for hand-tat hardships.
and not for nothin', but you could be getting black devil sticks on YOUR fingers.
instead you're too busy getting roman exes and vees and ems or whatever...
that's fine, but, cool tattoos make everything much better;
never quiet, never soft.....

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