Friday, May 10


pizza party for one?
another 'nother pizza pie for me-
just me and my big ol' fatman appetite gettin' busy with that double dough dopeness.
full disclosure, though, neighbors:
i used store dough.
i did.
i got a couple bags of that sourdough storebought pre-made
the other days for calzones with the small kids.
and they're small people, who wouldn't eat several bags' worth of dough.
so i had exxxtra.
and i wasn't about to waste it, man.
here's the thing- it was good, too.
yeah, homemade is expert, but this stuff had it's own excellent effect as well.

that's that 'my-oven-kinda-sucks-at-heatin'-up-so-it's too-dark-now' outdoor photo.
f'real though.
my oven has lived a hard life, gettin' hot af too often,
livin' under commercial-level demand in a residential setting.
dear my oven,
                do better.
the dough held up it's end of the deal,
and i came through with the cooked marinara sauce activation,
and that minced daiya chee'.
rules is rules, bro.
mince it or don't even bother using it...
and i had sliced multicolor peppers, to pretty it up.
-AND steamy broccoli florets, for nutrients.
-AND slivered white onion.
-AND dry-fried baby bella mushroooms.
-AND deeply delicious brussels sprouts,
sauteed in olive oil, and splashed with a spoonful of tamari
and a few craxxx of black pepper
and a dash of liquid smoke to give em some handsome flavor.
-AND fried garlic sprankles.
the cooked sauce really had somethin' special.
it's not normally my go-to, but i've been enriching my pizza experiences
with different little upgrades and variations.
480℉, a hot stone, convection magic,
and a hard eye towards eating all my feelings.
i tattooed a whole bunch of repeat clients yesterday.
i'm pretty lucky that they come through,
and even luckier that most of 'em really do take an interest in me,
and my life, and AMPERSAND TATTOO, and in our time together.
i only really get to know people through tattooing.
my other hobbies include making art at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress;
walking my dog at odd hours through my neighborhood;
making other art when there aren't clients at the studio;
and cooking food at home by myself.
if it wasn't for the shop, and the interactive participation
and the investment of time by my clients,
i'd likely just be a for-really-real hermit of hard-styles and heavy heartedness.
fortunately, they keep coming back and that's pretty cool.
i am grateful for the time they spend,
(and those movie checks)
because that makes all of the rest possible;
never quiet, never soft.....

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