Sunday, May 12


maple star is a good lookin' person.
i'm not just sayin' that because i was involved in the initial creative process.
i'm sayin' it because i have eyes.
senior prom is a big deal,
and this black dress beauty positively brought glamour to the party:

that's gorgeous.
and i have an impeccable eye for what's good,
so you'd best believe i'm not just talkin' sh!t.
i mean, c'mon:

my eyes are wet about it.
and my heart is bursting with pride at the lovely person i'm lookin' at.
inside and out, maple has that sweetness like her namesake.
and her sister has become supportive in ways that make me lose my mind.

shoutouts to harvest for being a real big sister even though she's clearly smaller.
blood is pretty thick, and these two share some that's bonded like tar or somethin'.
as they've grown up, they've grown closer, and i'm thrilled about it.
my hope is that they'll be there when lilli is big enough to need prom help, too.
they'll have plenty of time to prepare for that.
and in the in-between, these two grown up women are steadily wowwing me
on a daily basis.
i'm grateful for these children,
and doubly so for how good they are;
never quiet, never soft.....

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