Wednesday, May 8


y'ever had those real-real tortilla jauns?
those mexico-style double stackers are dope.
if i'm gonna do those corn tortillas,
i'm gonna have to do 'em like they were meant to be done.
check it:

TWO tortillas per taco.
that's authentic.
the rest is radical vegan crOmble nerdism.
so that's eight soft corn circles, toasted.
and cilantro, lettuce, red chili, jalapeno, white onion,
plus a lime juice/red onion/cilantro/tomato pico de gallo,
with salt, pepper, and cayenne.
AND that crOmble is pretty expert, too.
1/4 cup black rice.
1/4 cup black beans.
1/3 cup gluten-free veggie-'meat' crumbs.
smoked paprika, cumin, coriander, cayenne, lime, and tamari,
plus GPOP, and a true-life little onion and garlic, too,
sauteed in a hot pan with a splash of oil.
simple af, but delicious as heck.
and did i douse 'em with ho'sauce?
texas pete is on the menu.
what? you want some fancy ones?
when you make yours you can go wild.
these only needed a simple tangy tart spice upgrade,
so i acted accordingly.
you don't HAVE to go crazy to have something fancy.
i mean,
don't let me stop you just keep in mind you can take it easy, too.
i won't judge you.
out loud, anyway.
spanning time with my people.
it's important.
like sunlight, or vitamins, or clean air.
the small ones are happier than the big ones,
the big ones have more to say than the small ones,
and the fully-grown ones are quiet and unhappy.
but, i still make time for everybody.
it feels sometimes like i only have cursory connections at a peripheral level.
i know it's more than that, but, is it, though?
i mean, really, we only care as much as we have time to.
and i deeply understand how time is the single least cooperative element
in the known universe.
so, i take time, and i make time, and i spend time, and i invest time
in all the people who intertwine their space and their faces with mine.
it will never be enough,
and it always feels like i'm operating at a deficit.
work goes too fast.
days go too fast.
drives take too long.
mornings are over before i finish my cuppa tea.
and i've got all these feelings about all these people,
and i've got all these things i want to do,
and all these things i need to do,
and some of both, and a lot of neither,
and it's ALL really happening,
a counterintuitive clockwise spiral downwards-
there's a bottom somewhere at the end of this tunnel,
and i'm hoping that it's working more like a wormhole leading to a new thing,
and less like i'm just some dumb A*-hole wasting time.
the only way to find out is to keep going;
never quiet, never soft.....

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