Thursday, May 2


for May Day, i made cinnamon bunrolls.
yeah, i had to hit up those first of the month, labor day, beltaine,
maypole-spinnin' spirals for my face.
i think the first of every month is gonna be cinnamon roll day.
i can hang out with that.
check 'em:

positively smothered in icing.
buttery, brown-sugary, solid-packed with cinnamon and hottness and happiness.
y'know why i went SO hard on the sweetness?
because i'm gonna abstain from refined sugars for the next thirty days.
thirty days of low blood sugar.
thirty days of bitterness.
thirty days of bad moods and mad dudes.
thirty days of fights.
because i think i might have a genuine problem.
i eat a LOT of sugar.
maybe a slightly unhealthy level.
and it's tough to even consider NOT munching up all the cookies, candy, gum, and cake.
i mean, c'mon, man- i LOVE cake.
and frosting?
and icing?
and little cookies.
and big cookies.
and kombucha, even.
that's made with sugar, too.
one thirty day period of hard styles, tough times, and sour attitude.
or, maybe i'll unleash some secret powers, like being even tireder,
or sadder,
or some other combination of disappointment and dissatisfaction.
rabbit rabbit treats, with cute rabbit rabbit little toys.
that's what i DO.
and june first, i might have 'em again.
but until then, i'm on punishment.
or enrichment.
or somethin'.
i'm not psyched but i'm determined;
never quiet, never soft.....

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