Friday, May 3


MORE lines for anthony.
every couple of weeks,
my homeboy comes through with that bright spot
of aztechnical linework warrior poetry in skin.
and i'm very glad for the reprieve from my ordinary movie check cashing
experiences and day-to-day drudgery at AMPERSAND TATTOO.
hold on.
i'm always psyched to have such a cool job.
and i'm always glad i'm indoors, surrounded by the sexxxiness
of my personal pure-aesthetic exxxcellence all dang day.
there's no complaining about that alowed.
i'm just not always the same amount of excited about every tattoo.
*spoiler alert*
not every tattoo is cool.
sorry to ruin your big ideas, bro.
i put all the effort into every tattoo, whether of not it's innovative,
or intricate,
or interesting at all.
rules is rules.
doing your best with every zip and zap, fun or not, is our practical policy.
the thing is:
cool tattoos make everything about being at work SOOOO much better.
so shoutouts to big ant for getting allllll the lines-

i dunno,
but he's got a quetzalcoatl spirit-questing out of his eye!

it's a long one-
and it hit all the bad spots all morning long.
inner arm, elbow ditch, and inner back wrist.

sorry man.
but also, thanks man;
never quiet, never soft.....

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