Wednesday, May 1


i said the magic muh-fuh'n words, dudes.
you know what has to happen, don'tcha?
first thing, first words, first of the F*ing month-
that's right-
y'gotta spit it out loud and proud,
cultivating coincidence and garnering the favor of the secret universal wavelengths
with a coalesced consonant conjuration-
rabbit! rabbit!
that's right- rules is rules,
and if you aren't spittin' out that polysyllabic spell?
you're effing up, bro.
i'm making buns.
no bog deal, but i think that's what is done, when you're doing it right on the very first day.
and not only that, but it's walpurgis.
it's also beltaine.
that's MAY DAY.
that's the dirty-dirt on druidic dopeness.
that's a magically concentrated convergence of ley-line lineage.
today is THE day,
and it' a big one and a good one and i said the thing that'll make it even better.
btw, lilli is great.

she's such a GOOOOOOOOD BABBY!
in fact, she's practically perfect in every poppinsy way.
and she just slept for 7 calm and comfortable hours!
that's purely because mama breezy is fantastic.
you know i love a good set of rules-
and her regimen for raising healthy babies is the TRUTH.
i like that.
today is the day, the first one, the big day.
the one that rolls 'round the pole.
the one that needs fire and force, glory and goodness,
mud, blood, love, tears, and true stories to be it's best.
and that's exactly what we have;
never quiet, never soft.....

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