Friday, May 17


little teeny tiny itty bitty baby feet!

this little lilli bean is too dang cute.
she's a squinky, squeaky, squirmy little squiglet,
and i love her to pieces.
there's something about your baby's miniature fingers and toes.
if your heart doesn't want to jump out of your chest and explode in glitter fireworks
when you see those teentsy little nails?
you're no good, and you need to get your punk A* some professional help.
babies, neighbors.
i can't stand it.
how does anybody contain all these huge feels,
especially for such little people-ish bundles of discovery.
everything is new to them.
every. single. thing.
and they're just sleepin' and eatin' and slowly becoming something a little bigger,
in small sips and spans,
while we stare at their perfect faces.
...and her perfect face makes my knees rubbery and my eyes wet.
a whole wild gang of sweet children, and their sweet mama, all in pajamas,
and me with too-tight of pants on, dancin' around and enjoying ourselves.
it's good.
it feels good.
it IS good.
they're all good, from the source to the latest installment,
i appreciate their gentle hearts and their sweet souls.
i didn't know i could rekindle so many huge emotions,
so many long years after harvest and maple showed up.
but here i am,
and it's all really happening, all over again.
love doesn't come easy to me, but i feel it so strongly all these days.
i'm just saturated in gratitude for the few truly great people in my life.
i have those wild, raging stormswept savage gypsy werewolfen
nearly-full moon feels, i guess;
never quiet, never soft.....

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