Sunday, May 12


it's mothers day.
call your mom,
or, if she doesn't have a phone, for whatever reason-
she's amish, or deceased, or off-grid, or somethin'-
send her some love however you can,
and keep those heartstrings and heartbeats hummin'
with gratitude and generosity for the life-bringin' nurturers who 
made you and me and everyone we know.
i'm especially thoughtful today, with a new baby. 
and i'm so lucky to know the supermom 
who delivered her and her siblings and cares for them with expertise 
that borders on the uncanny, although she's the first to tell you that nurture
and structure are the assets she employs for her success.
so, here's to breezy, and all these small ones she raises so well.
and shoutouts to my ma, for sure.
forty-something years of momming,
and we wouldn't have lasted ten minutes of it if it'd just been my dad in charge.
that's no joke.
we're fortunate to have somebody with her determination 
in our corner when we were growing up.
nurture may work wonders with some kids,
but with my sisters and i, i think nature wins every time,
and that couldn't have been an easy ride for my mother.
she did a good job, and we really owe her one (or two) for the trouble we caused.
and i gotta give thanks to harvest and maple's ma, too.
they're great people, and they certainly didn't get that from my DNA.
i mean, that 50% werewolf curse i carry was diluted a lot with their mom's influence.
i don't know many moms.
that's weird, but also true.
of the moms i DO know,
most of them are probably doing it wrong,
even if they're doing the best they can, or that they know about.
i consider myself fortunate as F* that the closest ones to me 
are also the most competent and capable.
call your ma, and tell her thanks.
it isn't easy.
it probably isn't fun.
and it certainly isn't restful.
thanks, mom.
thanks, moms;

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