Saturday, May 4


coconut oil is what i want.
because of how it tastes, man.
and i want sweet things.
i do.
i'm happy to report that day two of no refined sugars was a success.
i woke up with a headache, but i also woke up early af, so i'm gonna attribute it
to a no-sleep regimen, and not the absence of that pure cane, y'feel me?
i made seared sweet potatoes.
in coconut oil....
with shredded cabbage,
and chopped scallions,
and some expert chili sauce.
that's right.
plus some coconut oil fried crissssspy tofu,
and toasted cashews,
and a big ol' batch of black rice.
check it out:

well, yeah, man, that's AVO-F*ING-CADO.
how else am i s'posed to activate the exxxtra awesomeness for my face?
pea shoots and cilantro and green onion sprankles.
those are gooooooood, too.
black rice is hella's better than regular rice.
what's the plan for those sweetie 'tatoes?
coconut oil and high heat, salt, a quarter of a cup of water.
red onions and scallions and shredded cabbage get added after you flip 'em,
plus a clove or two of sliced garlic,
and a half-inch slivered nub of skin-on organic ginger.
then, after they're browned on both sides,
2 tsp sriracha;
1 tsp toasted sesame oil;
1 T oelek sambal chili paste.
and toss all that around to coat everything and make it especially delicious. works, too.
that sh!t was exactly what i wanted to eat.
what's the secret to those tofu jauns?
y'gotta brown each side, so they don't stick.
that's key.
and don't be cheap with that coconut oil.
also, when i say coconut oil, i mean that solid-state unrefined full-flavor hottness.
miss me with that sad fat suckiness, son.
if i wanted flavorlessness, i'd stop being a radical vegan chef,
and just eat beige stuff all day.
i mean, really- what am i?
an A*-hole?
i want BIG flavor and BIG texture and BIG color all at once.
a veritable overdose of dopeness at every meal.
too much is the right amount,
and accepting less is not invited.
for being so simple, really, this was something special.
i like that.
i did a whole lot of tattoos yesterday, and they were all also so simple.
i liked that, too.
today is the penance day.
i've got tough time tattz to zap,
and even better?
tomorrow's big afternoon appointment just cancelled.
so guess who has time to spare at AMPERSAND TATTOO?
yeah, it's me.
will i fill the void with cool tattoos?
probably not.
will i gladly take on some movie check refreshment projects?
for sure.
a grand don't come for free, neighbors.
i s'pose i've got to take what there is to get and get it when it's there for the gettin';
never quiet, never soft.....

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