Sunday, May 12


i dunno.
maybe i want fried things more because i'm off that sugar?
beats me.
i made something pretty freakin' expert for dinner,
and i'm pretty happy with the results.
fritters, man.
little veggie cakes that're all browned up crispy-like 
and ready to get dipped up in a SAUCE or two
i'll do some double saucin' when the option is available.
check out what i came up with:
fritz, neighbors.
sizzled up in half an inch of hot oil, in a tall-walled pan, man.
but, like, what's IN 'em?
i'll tell you-
in a small pot, boil up:
1/4 cup tricolor quinoa;
1/4 cup red lentils;
1 cup + 2 T warm water, 
for 15 minutes, until the liquid is absorbed.
in a big ol' bowl, combine:
1 shredded potato;
1/4 thinly slivered red onion;
1/4 tsp sea salt, and black pepper;
1 cup minced spinach;
2 T minced scallion greens;
3 T chopped cilantro;
1/3 cup chickpea flour;
1/2 tsp turmeric;
smoked paprika, paprika, crushed red pepper, cayenne;
1/4 tsp dill seed;
1 tsp tamari.
add the quinoa mash, and form up a tasty, pasty fritter dough.
i got 10 little cakes in total.
they're F*ing good.
i mean, there's a lotta flavor, a ton of texture, and potatoes, too.
what's better than that?
not much.
i fried 'em on both sides until they were super golden.
it's easy with turmeric in there, y'know?
they're already golden.
and the garnish activation was key-
radicchio, pea shoots, scallions, and cilantro sprankles.
i do like a pretty fritter, homeboy-
c'mon, right?
and with my spicy grange sauce?
(that next day garlic marination brings the tang up to eleven, for sure)
damn, son- that's molto tight and hella delicious.
the only thing that made it even MORE awesome?
another 'nother sauce, boss.....
homemade vegan sriracha mayo with smoked paprika 
and sriracha flakes up top....
that's ferociously flavorful.
too much is the right amount
and that applies to quantity and quality.
i ate the F* out of these tasty yellow dudes.
which also means i got that stomach ache action.
too much does that to you sometimes...
six cancellations in two days!
shoutouts to clients who actually show up,
and bigger shoutouts to clients who show up with good ideas.
it's a double-edged kind of a thing-
i didn't have to do any bummery tattoos,
but i also was 'working' at not working...
and that's lame.
that gave me some time to make AMPERSAND TATTOO a little nicer.
there were a couple of creepy spidery cobwebs that accrued in the
most out-of-the-way corners, and that worked up my appetite,
which in turn forced me to go hard on the fritter scene,
which benefited me tremendously.
it's all connected, i guess.
hard days and long nights and good food, and tough calls,
and all of that competent interactive participatory communication
between the wider waking world and the small conscientious subconscious
that drives me forward into the future.
if you're making an appointment, please show up.
if your idea is a bummer, please don't make the appointment in the first place.
waiting all day to NOT do that idea i wasn't into at all is twice as bad.
never quiet, never soft.....

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